The Essence Emporium FAQ

Welcome to the Essence Emporium! We've got gemstones, we've got emotes, we've got icons. Lots...of icons.

Here's the loadout, available until 3:59 PM SGT on Tuesday, November 28:

1,500 BE - Mystery icon box (guaranteed to be an icon you don't already own)
2,000 BE - Chromas (includes all chromas that have been available for at least six months)
2,500 BE - “Mystery Mini” Icons Box (exclusive to the special BE store)
3,950 BE - Mystery Champions (guaranteed to be a champion you don't already own)
4,900 BE - Mystery ward skin box (guaranteed to be a ward skin you don't already own)
6,000 BE – Essence Collector ward skin (Exclusive to the special BE store)
50,000 BE - "Make it Rain" emote (exclusive to the special BE store)
50,000 BE and up - Gemstones (First one costs 50,000, second costs 75,000, third costs 100,000. Limited to three per account during the special BE store sale)
75,000 BE - “Money Bags” emote (exclusive to the special BE store)
150,000 BE - URFWick skin (now exclusive to the special BE store)

Mystery Minis, mystery icons, mystery ward skins, and mystery champions share a limit of 10 purchases per day. That means any combination of those items up to ten will prevent you from buying any more of those items until 24 hours after your first purchase.


Will the Essence Emporium ever come back?

Right now we're thinking we'll bring back the special blue essence store at least once per year. We're not sure what it will include when it returns, but when we bring it back we'll be sure to include the unique stuff like the rune ward skins and the emotes.

Is the URFWick in the Essence Emporium different than the original URFWick?

The URFWick skin we release with the emporium will be a 2017 edition, similar to what we did with Championship Riven. Original owners of URFwick will automatically receive a special limited edition upgrade of the original skin, a loading screen border, AND the new URFwick.

What icons are in the Mystery Minis icon box?

The icons below will be available for a limited time in the Mystery Minis icon box. They won’t be available for direct purchase in the store. The Mystery Minis icon box will return at least once a year and may include more icons in the future.


What icons are in the Mystery Icon box?



What ward skins are in the Mystery Ward Skin box?