Hidden Mission Shop FAQ

What is the Hidden Mission Shop?

The Hidden Mission Shop is a pop-up shop that appears randomly for lucky summoners that completes a hidden mission.

Completing hidden missions will grant you access to a congratulatory screen where you are offered great discounts on skins to add flare and style to your champions!


Am I eligible for this event?

All Summoners are eligible for the event.


How long does the event last?

The Hidden Mission Shop is a rare occurrence for summoners, it will be around for quite some time.


What’s the duration of the deal that I received?

Please refer to the timer countdown in your Hidden Mission Shop deal.


What is the range of discounts that I’ll receive?

The range would be 10% to 90%. However, discount received will be at random.


What will appear in my Hidden Mission Shop?

Champion skins with great discounts will appear!


Why haven’t I unlocked the Hidden Mission Shop yet?

The Hidden Mission Shop appears at random for summoners once they have completed the hidden missions. (ARAM, Custom, and AI games are not counted).

These exclusive skin deals will only come as a surprise. So keep playing, and keep playing good!


What are the hidden missions?

Well, it’s hidden isn’t it?

Here's a tip, focus on these three things:

  • Be legendary! Play well in your Summoner's Rift games!
  • Master your champions! Widen your champion pool and earn mastery points!
  • Keep playing, and luck might come after you! 


Would the latest skins appear in the Hidden Mission Shop?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.


What tier of skins will appear in the Hidden Mission Shop?

Normal, Epic & Legendary.


Can I purchase more than one item from the shop?

Yes, you can purchase multiple items from the shop! 


My deal disappeared, what should I do?

Please relog and check again. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Support for assistance.


I discarded my deal by mistake, what should I do?

As there's a confirmation step in discarding the deal, we don't support manual reset for any confirmed discarded deals.


The item I got is not the one that I clicked purchase in deal?

Please reach out to our Customer Support for assistance.


Can I refund the item after purchasing it from the Hidden Mission Shop?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.