Rotating Game Modes FAQ



What times will the game modes be active?

We’re aiming to have the queue available every weekend starting around Friday afternoon and switching off sometime early on Monday morning. This will be in the local time for each region. The goal is to have it up once the weekend starts (that’s Friday night right?! :P) so we should get three evenings of fast game mode funtimes. This is just a first implementation, if the queue proves to be exceedingly popular, we can always lengthen the window.

How often will game modes repeat?

This will depend on how many modes fall into the stable rotation. Modes will likely repeat every 1.5~2 months. Again, once we get started and see what modes come and go from the rotation, this could shift a little bit.

This might feel short, but that’s compared to our previous cadence of “once a year”. Technically, “anything less than 12 months” is shorter than that! :P In short (see what I did there?), we’re looking forward to getting everyone more facetime with more modes, more frequently.

How will I know which game modes are coming up?

Check the latest patch notes!

How will Champ Mastery & Loot work?

Much like regular Summoner’s Rift currently, there will be 2 ways to get a loot chest:

  • Earn any S rank.
  • Be in a premade with a friend who earns any S rank.

All the regular loot conditions will also still apply, so you need to have a chest available to earn, only 1 per champion, etc.

Champ mastery has also been customized for each one of these modes, so you’ll need to perform well at the particular mode. This is obviously different to the current Summoner’s Rift earning system and might be a little difficult initially compared to Summoner’s Rift as each mode has varying ways to excel. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it though and tune as the queue goes on.

Where are my Mastery Tokens?

Rotating Game Modes do not award Mastery Tokens towards levels 6 and 7.

How do you choose what modes will go in the queue?

We’re interested in capturing a wide slice of the different types of gameplay that each of the historical featured game modes embody. We also want modes proven popular with players, who voted with their valuable playtime and spent it in those modes.

Specifically what modes will be in the queue?

So far we have had Poro King, Ascension, URF, Hexakill, and more – which means just about any game mode that we’ve featured before is a possibility!

Do I earn rewards from these games, like when Ascension was part of the Shurima event?

No, since we are not bringing back the event, just the game mode, you will not earn rewards from these rotating game mode cycles.

Do URF finishers still work when URF mode is active?

Yes! So get your Heartsplosion Icons ready! (Oh sure, I suppose you could use the other ones, too.)

What are the LeaverBuster penalties for Nemesis Draft Mode?

Nemesis Draft Mode has a special rule set for LeaverBuster penalties that will impact any game queue you try to play in after a leave or dodge:

  • 1st dodge is 15 min ban from playing any queue.

  • 2nd dodge is 2 hour ban from playing any queue.

  • You can dodge another game mode, and if you dodge a 2nd game in Nemesis queue, the 2 hours penalty will apply to ALL game modes.

This means that if your second dodge/left game of the evening is in Nemesis Draft Mode you cannot play any game mode (including ranked) for 2 hours.