League Screensaver FAQ


Put some art on your screen




frequently asked questions

League Screensaver is a standalone desktop application that lets you create custom screensavers using a ton of League-themed art.
League Screensaver works in Windows XP and above.


Go here and run the file. Easy!


For Windows:

  • Navigate to the "Programs and Features" section of your control panel
  • Select League Screensaver from the list, and hit Uninstall.

Setting up a screensaver


  • Navigate to the "Personalization" section of your control panel
  • Select Screen Saver
  • Set "League of Legends" as your screensaver from the drop-down list, hit Apply
  • You can edit your screensaver by hitting the "Settings" button next to the drop-down list once you've selected the League screensaver


What sort of art makes it into the app?

Splash art, animated logins, video stills, and Esports photography. Any splash art that's in the game will be included as part of the app.

Wallpapers, please

Working on it!

Will the art update automatically?

We'll update the app with new art as it's released. When there's new art, we'll put a notification on your screensaver!

Can I still see new art after dismissing the update notification?

When editing your playlist, you'll see a notification under any champions that have gotten new art since the last time you checked.

Can I transfer my playlists between computers?

No, you can't transfer playlists off your local machine at the moment.

Can I use this on my vertical monitor?

Sorry, the League screensaver doesn't currently work on vertical monitors.