ARAM Skin Boosts FAQ

About Skin Boosts

Frequently Asked Questions

About Skin Boosts

What are Skin Boosts?

For 50 RP, you’ll unlock a random skin for your team, a one-game 200 bonus BE boost for yourself, and a one-game 100 bonus BE boost for the rest of your allies. This boost will only last one game, so make it count! This is only available in ARAM.

Note: Only one person per team can purchase the Skin Boost.

How do I unlock the boost?

Click the "Boost" button above your champion's splash in champion select.

Which skins are available to unlock for a champion?

You have a chance of getting any skin currently available in the store for your champion. If you have Teemo, for example, you’ll get the chance to play Super Teemo! Skins that are not currently available for purchase in the store will not be granted, such as PAX Twisted Fate and Silver Kayle. Of course, if you already own a skin for that champion, you can still use it. :)

Chromas do NOT apply for Skin Boosts.

Note: If you own every skin for a champion, you will not get a random skin. However, if you use a reroll or trade for another champion that you don’t own all skins for, you will unlock a random skin.

What happens when you reroll or trade champions?

If you reroll a champion while the Skin Boost is unlocked, you will get a new random skin with your new rerolled champion.

Similarly, you will get a new random skin when you trade someone for a different champion. However, if you trade a champion away and get the champion back, you will have the original skin that was previously granted to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Someone dodged the game after I purchased the boost!

No worries! If someone dodges after a Skin Boost is purchased, you will not be charged and the RP will remain in your account.

What happens when two people try purchasing a boost?

Only one Skin Boost can be purchased for any given game. If multiple people try to purchase a Skin Boost, the first purchase will go through and the second one will be stopped.

Is the boost refundable?

The boost is NOT refundable. You can read our full Content Refund FAQ here.