Fullscreen Issue/Out of Range Issue

Hey everyone,

We're aware of an issue with 7.1 causing some players to experience problems with fullscreen - this includes:

  • Getting a blackscreen when loading into game
  • Getting an "Out of Range" error
  • Other symptoms of audio working, but visuals not showing

Currently you can workaround this by switching to Borderless or Windowed mode - this is possible in a few ways:

Workaround 1:

  • Press "Alt+Enter" together when on the black screen

Workaround 2:

  • Log in to League of Legends
    • Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaLoL\GameData\Apps\LoL\Game\Config 
    • Open "Game.cfg" in notepad or any other text editor
    • Find this line: WindowMode=X
    • Change the "X" to 2. IE: WindowMode=2
    • Save this, then launch a custom game

We're continuing to look into this problem, however this should get you back into game in the interim.