Start Game Error, last error: (numbers)

Hey Summoners, 

We received a few reports on "Start game error, last game:XX" and here are the possible solutions for them. 

Click on "Play League of Legends" button, the error message will pop up "start game error, last error: (number)"

This is due to the Garena Plus is unable to start up successfully. Different number indicating different solution for it. You may want to refer to the types of error mentioned at the link below:

Start game error, last error: 0


Reinstall Garena Plus at this link

If you are still unable to solve it after the reinstallation, we will guide you on the alternative solution with "cmd command".


1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Search for "Garena +" > Click on "Uninstall". During the installation process, it will pop up a message on asking to keep the user profile data. Click "No".

2. After the uninstallation, kindly restart your PC. 

3. Head onto this link and download the Garena Plus software. Install the Garena Plus. 

4. After the installation, we recommend you to add Garena Plus into the exception of Firewall and Anti-Virus. 

5. Click on the "Windows" button on your keyboard and type "cmd"

6. A black window will pop out. Type in "netsh winsock reset" and click "Enter".

7. If you are still unable to solve the issue, kindly approach our Player Support for further assistance,

Start game error, last error: 2


This is indicating the game files are corrupted or missing. Kindly ensure your Garena Plus and the game are updated accordingly. 


1: Update Garena Plus. 

2. Ensure Garena Plus and your game are in the exception list of your Anti Virus or Firewall.

3: Temporarily turn off your Anti-Virus when you are updating Garena Plus and your game. 

4: Ensure your updates are updated successfully.

Start game error, last error: 5


This is indicating the system is denying you to launch the program. 


1. Add League of Legends into the exception list of Anti Virus and Firewall.

2. Temporarily turn off the League of Legends while you are playing or patching the game.

3. Run League of Legends as Administrator mode. Right click at your LoL client and "Run as Administrator".