Manual Ban System FAQ

While we launched systems targeted at reducing negative verbal behaviors, we agree with our community that more needs to be done to address negative gameplay behaviors.

Therefore, we run daily reviews of player reports to target extreme intentional feeding and verbal abuse - those forms of negative behaviors that pain our players the most. The relevant announcement can be found here.


How does it work?


1.    Punish Negative Behavior



Our player behavior team will:


  • Run daily reviews on player reports

  • After a thorough investigation by a member of our team, appropriate chat bans and suspensions will be given.

2.    Let You Know



We also understand that players feel their reports disappear into a vacuum. You deserve more:


  • Via Garena+, we will send a quick message of thanks to those whose reports have helped us discipline players.

  • This will be rolled out for Garena PC in the future.



How do I play my part?

1.    Report Accurately We rely on reports as a source of data to assess whether a player has been behaving negatively. No reports - we assume no one had a bad time. But those who abuse the system and report players simply because of a bad game make it difficult for us. Report when, and only when someone has broken the rules. Leave a comment to pinpoint what the situation was. Help us help you!


2.    Provide evidence for extreme cases of negative behavior! (e.g Intentional Feeding, Extreme Toxicity, Botting) Submit an abuse report to Garena Customer Support if you feel a case requires immediate attention and have evidence to report.


3.    Stay positive! Everyone, including yourself, will make mistakes and bad plays. We see many cases where negative behavior is a response to another’s mistakes or negativity. But the behaviour of another does not justify our own negative behaviours. We will hold players responsible for their individual actions, even though circumstances might have meant they were triggered by another. The best player is one who can make the best of any situation and come out of it on top!


Will this work?

This solution will not eradicate negative player behavior overnight. But it will help punish all those players that are ruining the gaming experience of many players. The system is not perfect and we recognise that so we will continue to make constant improvements with your feedback and suggestions. You may also not ‘feel’ it unless you are one of the toxic players or those whose reports contributed to their eventual punishment. But trust us, we are taking action!


How should I report? What comments are useful?

Help us help you - report only when you feel necessary and comment where appropriate to give us more information. Useful comments are those who give us a clearer understanding of the reported player’s negative behavior, e.g: ‘IntentionalFeeder01 ran into mid turret and died 20 times!!’ ; ‘Offensiveplayer03 made racist remarks’.


What are acceptable behaviors?

Players should not be reported for the following behaviors. We will discount such reports:

  • Making mistakes or poor judgment calls

  • Using strong but non-derogatory terms

  • When players have tactical disagreements

  • For speaking in a different language

  • For not sticking to the current meta


What message do I receive when a player gets punished by this system following my report?

Via Garena+, we will send a quick message of thanks to those whose reports have helped us suspend player. This will be rolled out for Garena PC in the future.


Does this mean if one player is reported a lot they will get banned faster?

We cannot disclose full details as we do not want players to try and manipulate the reporting tool. But we do look at report credibility and will discount those who are just telling tales. Spamming reports will not lead to necessary punishment.


What punishments for Intentional Feeding are given?

Intentional Feeding is a serious offense that leads directly to a two weeks suspension. Second offense, and cases of extreme intentional feeding are escalated to a permaban.


Additionally, any player whose account has been punished for negative behavior will not be eligible for rewards from upcoming events (e.g. End of Season rewards) until  they have reformed.


What punishments for Verbal Abuse are given?

Punishments given are in line with the Instant Feedback System. For Hateful Speech, Negative Attitude and Verbal Abuse:

  • First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction

  • Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction

  • Third Offense: Two Week Suspension

  • Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension


However, based on severity of verbal abuse, appropriate suspensions may be given without prior chat restrictions on the account.


Additionally, any player whose account has been punished for negative behavior will not be eligible for rewards from upcoming events (e.g. End of Season rewards) until they have reformed.


How do you punish AFK players?

Every time you leave, you are causing a negative experience for the other players in the game. Therefore, we have the Leaver Buster System in place to discourage summoners from repeatedly leaving matches and/or idling during gameplay. Summoners who exhibit this behavior will be placed in a low priority queue.  


Furthermore, if a player is found to intentionally leave the game or AFK in order to grief his teammates, we will treat the case with the same severity as intentional feeding.


How do you punish usage of Unauthorized Third Party Applications?

Once confirmed, usage of unauthorized third party applications that affect gameplay will result in a permanent suspension. Read about our stance on unauthorized third party applications here.


How do you punish those with inappropriate IGNs?

For those reported and confirmed with inappropriate IGNs, we will change the Summoner’s Name to ‘badIGNXXX’ or any variation.  Summoners found guilty of using inappropriate names will have to shoulder the cost and buy the Summoner Name Change in game to change to a new, appropriate Summoner Name. We do not offer a free name change.


Can I reform?

Yes please!  We administer chat bans and temporary suspensions to alert players of how their behavior is creating a negative experience for fellow Summoners. Once those punishments expire, we encourage these players to return with why they were punished in the first place in mind.


Reformed players are also eligible for future surprise and event rewards, as long as they’ve been positive since their last restriction. So, if you were chat restricted and missed the last surprise, you’re still eligible for the next. Further reward eligibility clarifications can be found here.


Hey! I spend a lot on the game. Do I get immunity?

No. Spending on Garena Shells and Riot Points will not give you any immunity. We look over reports indiscriminately and take action against what is considered inappropriate for a positive gameplay environment!


Why are you so harsh?

Regardless of the circumstances (such as you being provoked), behaviors such as harassment, offensive remarks, intentionally feeding, intentionally not making a contribution to your team, etc. has negatively affected other players’ experiences. Hence, we have to discourage such behavior.


Will I get banned for being unskilled?  I’m not trying to feed!

We do not make punishment towards being unskilled, or those who are playing unpopular metas (If this was the case, I would get banned over and over again!) . Rather, it is more about whether your actions are creating a negative gaming environment for those around you. You should not be afraid of being banned or punished for no reason - that is something we never want to happen!


What if I’m just answering back to on others trash talking?

The behavior of another does not justify our own negative behaviors. When another player trash talks you should mute them, report them, and remain positive!


If I have been punished before, will you still look at my report?

Yes. Just as we punish your account, we also punish others as appropriate. Our system works better when many contribute and provide accurate reports, so please remember to report after game.


How do I make an Appeal?  

Your punishment was administered following a thorough investigation by our team, and we ask that you reflect on your behavior.  We will not retract punishments unless error has been made by our player behavior team. If you wish to make an appeal or enquire about your suspension, please submit a ticket to Garena Customer Support, with ‘Ban Appeal’ as the subject. Please include your UID or Summoner Name.