Sound Issues

What if even you cannot hear Sona's soothing voice? This article will help you resolve this and other issues that relate to music and sound in League of Legends.

Common Symptoms

  • Your sound doesn't work in League of Legends, despite working for all other applications
  • Your sound doesn't work for any applications
  • When you stand on certain parts of the map, your hear no sounds (or only certain sounds)
  • You hear either music or sound effects, but not both



Verify that your computer's sound and speakers are on

No, Really!

While this sounds very simple, it's a surprisingly common thing to overlook. It is easy for speakers to become unplugged or to accidentally press the mute button. If your sound isn't working for any applications, it's always worth checking this first, before moving on with further troubleshooting.


Verify that you are using the right audio device / channel

Check that you are using the correct audio channel

It is very common to have multiple devices hooked up to your computer (i.e. speakers and headphones). When playing games, make sure that you are using the correct audio output. Here's how:

  • Right click on your Speaker icon in the bottom left of the screen and select Playback devices
  • Right click on the device you want to use and select Enable
  • Right click on other devices in the list and select Disable
  • Repeat the above step for all devices that you do not want to use
  • Restart League of Legends


Verify that in-game sounds aren't disabled

Check in-game options

It's possible to disable specific types of sounds in game, as well as disabling sound altogether. Make sure that none of the slider bars in the SOUND section of the Options menu are pushed all the way to the left, and that the check box next to Disable all sound is not selected.


Update your sound software

Keeping your essential software up to date (especially the drivers for your hardware) is very important as updates contain many fixes and optimizations. While it is uncommon for a sound driver to go out of date, it is worth checking for updates if you are experiencing sound issues in League of Legends. Below are update instructions for each version of Windows:


Disabling surround sound

Some sound cards support surround sound. This essentially allocates certain sound effects to rear speakers. If you have this mode enabled without using surround sound speakers, you can end up losing many sounds, as they'll be allocated to speakers which you don't have.