Low Frame Rate (FPS) Troubleshooting

Like a car, there are things that each person should do to keep their PC in top shape.
When you are experiencing issues with framerate in League of Legends, tuning up your system is one of the easiest ways to increase performance.

Please bear in mind that while the tweaks listed may help improve your PC's performance, they will not be able to improve it beyond the limitations of your hardware.

Keep your video drivers up to date

Why is it important to keep your video drivers up to date?

Video card drivers (software that interfaces with your graphics card) often include vital bug fixes and/or optimizations. Your card is generally shipped with a driver pre-packaged, but this driver is usually out of date by the time it reaches your computer. One of the most important steps you can perform when installing a new video card or using a new computer is installing the most up-to-date driver.

The update process will vary depending on the specific video card you have, but many players will find that they likely own a card from one of three major product lines: NVIDIA, AMD or Intel. Since these are the most common types of graphics cards, we will cover the basic update process for each.

How to identify your graphic cards?

  • Press [Windows Key] + R (this will open up a "Run" window).
  • Type dxdiag and then hit Enter.
  • Select the Display tab.
  • Note the name and manufacturer of your card in the top left corner of the window.

Most common graphics card manufacturers have a solution that scans your computer and updates drivers automatically. They can be found here:





Change in-game settings

Adjusting video settings

The video options you choose in-game have a large effect on your FPS. Lowering these settings will make the game run faster at the expense of visual quality. Playing around with these settings will help you find a sweet spot between performance and quality. As a starting point, try setting each option to its lowest value. You can access them in-game by pressing ESC and selecting VIDEO.

  • Settings: Custom
  • Resolution: Match desktop resolution
  • Character Quality: Very Low
  • Environment Quality: Very Low
  • Shadows: No Shadow
  • Effects Quality: Very Low
  • Frame Rate Cap: 60 FPS
  • Wait for Vertical Sync: Unchecked
  • Anti-Aliasing: Unchecked

You can also change some of the interface options to reduce the amount of stress on your hardware.
To access these options press ESC in-game and select INTERFACE.

AAdjusting interface options

  • Uncheck Enable HUD animations
  • Uncheck Show Target Frame on attack
  • Uncheck Enable line missile display
  • Uncheck Show Attack Range
Note: Please test any new changes in a custom game (with bots or by yourself) first.

Disable or remove potentially unwanted programs

What do you mean by that?

Before removing any programs, it's a good idea to check what software is running in the background after Windows starts, as a lot of software tends to start itself automatically. In order to disable non-essential processes, we recommend performing a clean boot on Windows. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  • Press [Windows Key] + R
  • Type msconfig into the text bar at the bottom of the menu
  • Click on the Services tab
  • Check Hide all Microsoft services so you don't end up accidentally disabling a key process
  • Click the Disable All button
  • Click on the Startup tab
  • Click on the Disable All button
  • Click on the Apply button
  • Click on the OK button
  • Restart your computer
Note: For performing a clean boot on Windows 8 and 8.1 please see the following Microsoft article.


Uninstall resource intensive applications

If your in-game performance improved after a clean boot, chances are that there are a number of resource-consuming programs on your PC. You might want to uninstall any unwanted applications by using Programs and Features (Add or Remove Programs on Windows XP). Doing so will free up more system resources for the game to use. If you cannot find the applications that utilize those resources or those application do not allow you to uninstall themselves, they may be malicious and will need to be removed in a different way.

Run a scan for potentially unwanted programs or Malware

The unfortunate side effect of browsing the Internet is that our computers tend to accumulate a lot of unwanted software (that can also be potentially harmful!) that we are not aware of. This software tends to run in the background and uses up your PC resources without alerting you in any noticeable way. In order to get rid of this software, we recommend (but do not officially endorse) using Malware Bytes.

Note: If you have other security software that you prefer to use instead, please make sure that it is up to date. Security software requires regular updates or a subscription to counter threats effectively. Without one of those, it tends to be just another pointless resource hog!

Reset your Graphics Card software

Make sure your graphics card software isn't interfering with League of Legends

NVIDIA comes with the NVIDIA Control Panel and AMD comes with the Catalyst Control Center. Both of these programs allow users to set up graphic profiles that can override application settings and sometimes interfere with League of Legends as a result. Resetting the software to default values usually gives control over graphics back to the applications. Here's how to do it:

NVIDIA Control Panel

  • Right-click on your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Select Manage 3D Settings
  • Click on Restore Defaults

Catalyst Control Center

  • Right-click on your desktop and select Catalyst Control Center (also called VISION center)
  • Select Preferences
  • Click on Restore Factory Defaults

Set Windows to best performance

Configuring your Operating System

Underpowered systems may not be able to run the graphical features of Windows and League of Legends effectively at the same time. You can turn off many of the advanced graphical features within Windows to improve your system's performance. While underpowered machines will see the most benefit from this step, most PCs may see an increase in performance by changing these settings:

  • Right-click Computer
  • Select Properties
  • Select Advanced System Settings
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Click Settings under Performance
  • Select the Adjust for best performance radial
  • Move to the Advanced tab
  • Select the Adjust for best performance of: Programs radial

Note: If you are running the game in Windowed or Borderless mode, you might want to disable Aero as well.

What is Aero?

Aero is a graphical feature set of Windows. It enables the following: transparent windows, Win Key + Tab options, and window transitions. Unfortunately, all of these features tend to slow your computer down. Using the steps above will automatically disable it, but if you want to disable Aero manually you can follow the instructions below:

To Disable Aero in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

Click "Start" > Search Aero > Click "Window Color and Appearance" > Click "Advanced appearance settings..." > Select a non-Aero theme.

To Disable Aero in Windows 8:

  • Click on the Windows key
  • Search for Control Panel
  • Under Appearance and Personalization, click Change the Theme
  • Click on Windows Basic to select this theme

Repair corrupt game files

Repairing corrupt game files

Occasionally, FPS problems can be caused when certain game files become corrupt. Using the repair function in the Garena PC beta will fix any corrupted files.

To run the repair function:

  • Click on League of Legends in Garena PC beta.
  • Click on the more settings on the bottom-left hand side.
  • Click Repair
  • Wait. The repair function can take anywhere from 5 minutes to over 30 depending on the number of corrupt files it has to repair.

Minimize Effects of Heat

Detecting heat build-up

Do games work fine for a few hours and then start to slow down? Is the air coming out of your PC extremely hot? If this is the case, your graphics card is probably overheating. There are a few things you can do to reduce the effects of heat on your system:

  • Clean any vents or fans with compressed air. Computers often get their fans clogged with dust, dirt and hair. Cleaning your computer's vents and fans will improve airflow and should keep your machine at a lower temperature.
  • If you are playing League of Legends on a laptop, you might want to consider buying a laptop cooler. They are external fans that can be plugged into a wall outlet or USB drive depending on the model. They are very effective at keeping laptops cool.

Disabling all in-game sounds

Disable all in-game sounds

You may experience a performance boost by disabling your in-game sounds. You can do this in-game by pressing ESC, selecting SOUND and then checking the "Disable all Sound" box.

Clean your system registry

Cleaning your system registry:

Each time you install a program, it makes modifications to the system registry, which is a database that stores configuration settings and options for your Operating Sytem and other software. Over time, the system registry can become quite bloated and adversely affect your system's performance. We recommend (but do not officially endorse) using CCleaner.
Free Download Link: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard

Defragment your hard drive


Hard drives work a bit like filing cabinets. As you constantly add and remove files from them, they tend to get disorganized and it becomes more difficult for your computer to locate the correct file. Files are sometimes split into small pieces and scattered on the drive. Windows XP machines are more prone to this than other versions of Windows and will benefit most from this step. To resolve this problem you need to defragment your main hard disk. Here is a guide by Microsoft to performing this on a windows machine. (You can change the Windows version by clicking on the button on the right side of the page)

Change Laptop power settings

Laptop Power Settings

Sometimes laptops and notebooks use power saving plans to conserve battery power, which unfortunately limits the operating capacity of your graphics card and CPU. You can alter this setting by doing the following:

  • Open the "Power Options" through your computer's Control Panel
  • If your power plan is set to one of the battery-saving options, you will need to change it to a performance option. After making sure you have a performance option selected, click on "Change plan settings"
  • Enable High Performance

Windows 8.1 Update Major FPS Drop

Common Symptoms:

  • Unstable FPS in game
  • FPS drop in game
  • Screen freezes in game
  • Client crashes in game

Possible Solution 1:

  • Press Windows + R on the keyboard
  • Type "services.msc"
  • Under the Names Column, look for "Superfetch"
  • Right click "Superfetch" and click on "Properties"
  • Under "General" tab, look for "Startup type:"
  • Set it from "Automatic" to "Manual", click Apply and OK
  • Right click "Superfetch" again and click "Stop"
  • Restart your PC and start "League of Legends" 

Possible Solution 2:

  • Back up all your games.
  • Shift your mouse to the right corner and go to Settings > Update and Recovery > Recovery then click on 
  • Wait for it to complete the process and it usually takes 30 minutes.
  • After it finished refreshing, it should be as good as how you first got it from the store on Windows 8 or the version before Windows 8.1, restore your backup LoL file which should be named as GarenaLoL and install Garena Plus.
  • After installing Garena +, open up your Garena plus, sign out, open your GarenaLoL and click on LoLLauncher, after that it should show login error.
  • Close the game client and click on the League of Legends icon on your Garena Plus. The game client should start working as intended. 
  • Stop Windows 8.1 with update notifications at this link.