My Account is Suspended



Why am I banned?

Disciplinary Bans are associated with actions that do not uphold the Summoner’s Code. These bans may be caused by, but are not limited to, the Instant Feedback SystemManual Banning System, inappropriate names, chat room spam, and MMR Boosting.


Can my suspension be removed?

Suspensions due to the Instant Feedback System will not be lifted or shortened under any circumstance.

Disciplinary suspensions unrelated to the Instant Feedback System, such as an inappropriate summoner name, will vary depending on the specific situation. In these cases, please submit a ticket to Customer Support, and we will be happy to provide you with more information about your suspension and how to proceed.


Why are you so harsh?

Regardless of the circumstances (such as you being provoked), behaviors such as harassment, offensive remarks, intentionally feeding, intentionally not making a contribution to your team, etc. has negatively affected other players’ experiences. Hence, we have to discourage such behavior.

Leaver Buster is a system we have implemented in order to discourage Summoners from repeatedly leaving matches and/or idling during gameplay. Summoners who exhibit this behavior will be placed in a low priority queue. Please keep in mind that every time you leave, you are causing a negative experience for the other players in the game.


Can you give me more details?

Unfortunately, due to our Privacy Policy, we will not be able to disclose full information regarding manual bans and Leaver Buster suspensions. If you have not received any emails regarding why you were suspended, and you believe you were suspended for disciplinary reasons, please submit a ticket to Customer Support.

It wasn't me! Can't you do something about this?

Remember that you are fully responsible for all activity made on your account, and if suspensions or bans are incurred we will not be able to modify them. If you feel that your account may have been compromised, please see the following Knowledge Base article for more information and instructions to help recover your account: Account Recovery Guide.