MMR Boosting Detection

MMR Boosting Detection

What is MMR Boosting?

MMR Boosting is an action where a player (the booster) logs into another player’s account (the boostee) to play a ranked game. While it is generally accepted that the intent of this is to improve the Boostee's MMR, any ranked game played by someone that is not the original creator of the account may be considered Boosting and as a result may be eligible for punishment.

MMR boosting has many negative effects on our community; it’s unfair, produces unbalanced games, and leads to account compromises. To find out more about the consequences of MMR boosting, click here.

MMR Boosting Detection

We want to share with you the thinking behind our detection process and the care we take in maintaining accuracy.

Legitimate Play Patterns are OK

Before we get to the overview of our detection process, let’s first examine some variables that we always keep in mind when digging deeper into MMR Boosting cases. We know that play styles and environments are different for each player, and these things can vary from game to game. To account for these situations, we consider a wide variety of factors in our process to ensure we are making accurate decisions. We can identify and account for these sorts of circumstances:

  • Relocation (semester abroad, family moves, etc.)
  • Play from a friend’s computer
  • PC Cafes and LANs
  • Good coaching from your challenger level buddy
  • Trying a new build
  • Trying a new champion
  • Experimenting with key bindings
  • Going on tilt
  • Keep in mind that we are committed to not punishing anyone unless we have 100% certainty that MMR Boosting is occurring.

The Process

While we can’t reveal our systems or boosting detection, we can say with confidence that we’re looking at the right data, we double- and triple-check that data, and maintain a strong commitment to accuracy.

  • We start with a deep knowledge of each individual's play style and performance history.
  • We compare millions of players’ histories to spot unusual patterns and behaviors that indicate boosting.
  • The system is double checked vigorously by Garena LoL team with a very strong eye to eliminate false positives.



If an account is caught participating in MMR boosting it faces the following punishment:

  • A two-week account suspension on League of Legends
  • Removal of any prior season’s ranked rewards (i.e. skins, icons, badges, etc)
  • Disqualification from receiving the current season’s ranked rewards (i.e. skins, icons, badges, etc)
  • Second time offenders’ accounts will be permanently banned from League of Legends