Recovering Your Account


What to do

Please follow these steps to recover your Garena account:

  1. Make sure you have a Garena account and are trying to log onto the correct server.
  2. Recover your account using your username, email, or mobile number via the password recovery site.
  3. Set your new password.

If you have followed these instructions and still cannot recover your account please proceed with the following:

Send an email to with the subject line "My Garena Account".
Using the registered email address to request a new password will expedite the process.
Make sure to provide us with the following information about the account you are trying to recover.
From there we will work with you to verify ownership of the account. 

  • Scanned copy or photo of any Garena Shells purchase transaction proof (Prepaid card or purchase receipt/email) 
  • Garena Username (the name you log into the Garena Plus): 
  • Summoner Name (the name your friends see in-game): 
  • Original email address used to register the account: 


While recovering your account


Why is this taking so long?

Please keep in mind that this verification process does take quite some time because the information you provide is meticulously looked over by our specialists.
For security purposes, you may be asked more questions to further the verification process.

Why are there so many questions? I can’t remember a lot of this information!

We understand that a lot of the information we ask for is difficult to remember, and we ask many questions to give players various opportunities to provide any information that may help verify their ownership. If you are having trouble with any particular question, remember that it is more valuable to estimate, mention anything that you remember, or provide context rather than skipping a question completely.

My Summoner name was changed! Will this be reversed?

For most cases, yes.

Once your account is recovered, please let us know about your Summoner name, and we will be happy to change it back to what you had previously.
However please note that this will be a one time deal, and we highly suggest that you improve your account's security upon recovery.

What do I do if unauthorized charges are being made from my compromised account?

Please let us know during the account recovery process and we will be happy to further investigate the issue.