Hacked Account

Verified Email Address registered with Garena

If you have a verified email address registered with Garena, you can reset your Garena account password on your own.


Non-verified Registered Email Address with Garena

If the email address registered with your Garena account is not verified or if the account can no longer be accessed, follow the steps below:

  1. Send an email to accountsam@garena.com (Customer Support). 
  2. You will receive a Ticket (automated reply) containing your Ticket #.
  3. It may take up to 24 hours for our Customer Support Officers to get back to you depending on the amount of requests received that day.
    In any event that you do not receive any reply after 24 hours, feel free to reply back to the email or contact us via live chat to do a follow up.
  4. Please note: You must provide a reply within 5 days or your ticket will be closed.
  5. After the Customer Support Team replies, please provide the necessary information they need to retrieve ownership of your account.
    Failure to provide the information needed by the Player Support Team will decrease your chances of retrieving your account! 

Do NOT post questions asked by our Player Support Team as it is strictly prohibited and confidential.