Store FAQ



"Session Expired: There was a problem with your request..."

The store section of the League of Legends game client is affected by Internet Explorer settings. Many common errors with this part of the client may be resolved by resetting your settings to default or adjusting privacy settings, though more in-depth solutions may be required.

Click here for a step-by-step guide for resolutions to this issue.

"Error: You have encountered an error. Please try again later."

This error is also often triggered by Internet Explorer settings.Changing your privacy settings or resetting your settings to default are the most common solutions.

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Store appears blank or black

This error can occur due to Internet Explorer settings, though the solution is slightly different. A blank or black store can be resolved by enabling TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 or resetting your settings to default.

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Click here to find out the following RP Purchase Issues such as: 

  • Problems on item purchases in store such a Champion/Skin
  • How to Purchase and Convert Shells into RP
  • Top Up wrongly
  • I've bought the wrong item. Can I get a refund?
  • Someone else logged into my account and spent my RP. Can I get it back?



Why are some of the skins I see in the champions tab or during champion select not available in the store?

This happens in one of two situations. We usually add images of upcoming skins into the client before they are available, so you can see a skin in Champion Select before it's released.

Alternatively, it could be that the skin you're seeing is not normally available due to being a limited, legacy, or retired skin. Sometimes skins are released for a limited time during an event (e.g. Dragonblade Riven during the 2014 Lunar Revel) and then made unavailable until a later date. Other skins may be unavailable because they are one of our older skins that are now retired. Finally there are some skins that will not be made available again that were earned through promotions or season rewards (e.g. Victorious skins, Championship Riven).

If I purchase the bundle, can I be refunded for the content I already own that is included in the pack?

We introduced flexible cost bundles in the sales. If you already own some of the content already in the bundle, the price of the bundle itself will automatically adjust its price. Please note that all bundles have a minimum cost.