What data does Garena PH LoL Team Collect?

Garena LoL team is committed to making our players’ gaming experience as awesome as possible. One major component of that is improving players' frame rate, latency, and general game performance for each computer that meets our minimum hardware specifications. In order to achieve this, we need to be able to detect problems that our players' experience and identify why those problems occur. By collecting non-personal and anonymous data about the performance of our game, we can establish correlations that isolate various issues.

There are four data points that we collect:

1. Game Performance

For example, your framerate and latency. With this data, we can detect when players are experiencing poor framerates or connections.

2. System Configuration

For example, your graphics card, hardware, and other drivers. With this data, we can detect what hardware or drivers have trouble running our game.

3. Game Configuration

For example, our video/audio settings in our game. With this data, we can detect what game settings are problematic for players.

4. Game Events

For example, when champions cast certain spells. With this data, we can detect what in-game events cause framerates or connections to decline. Additionally, we can also better balance our game by identify build orders, death locations, win rates, etc.

These data points will only be collected when the League of Legends game is running, and will initially be collected from the players. To be clear, Garena LoL team will not collect any data regarding web browsing or other system processes, we will not look at individual data points, and we will not collect data when the game is not running.

Once collected, Garena LoL team will analyze the data aggregation to establish correlations, identify problems, and tune our efforts. We want everyone to feel like they can have fun and be competitive in League of Legends, and to do that, we want to be able to respond to issues faster. We hope that by collecting this data, we can ensure a better experience for all of our players.