Loss Prevented

Loss Prevention is feature of League of Legends that forgives a loss a player receives outside of their control. When an issue affects a large number of players all at once, a compensation mode is activated which enables loss prevention.

What is compensation mode?

This mode is activated when League of Legends experiences server- or system-wide issues. It essentially tries to prevent players from being punished for reasons outside of their control.

Once it is active, the following rules apply:

  • Players will not receive a loss or a leave.
  • Players will not lose League Points (LP) or MMR.
  • Players will still receive a win at a 50% rate for LP/MMR gains.
  • Players will not receive a loss if they are in the middle of their promo series.
  • Players will receive all of the earned XP for the game.
  • Stats will be recorded and saved for games, but they will not apply for any lifetime totals.

How does this mode activate?

This mode only activates when a large number of players are being impacted on a system-wide scale. We hit something we call "The Button" to activate it for the platform. Compensation Mode cannot be retroactively enabled or turned on for a player on an individual basis.

What does hitting "The Button" mean?

This means that we've activated Compensation Mode. All impacted games will be marked with a Loss Prevented.

What does a loss prevented look like?

When you view your match history, the impacted game will be marked in red with Loss Prevented.